Collaborations + Partnerships

Teamwork Makes the Homestead Work… Let’s Collab!

Freedom Forest Farm is a hub of sustainable living, dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. We believe that collaboration is key to growth, and we’re excited to open our doors to fellow homesteaders who share our passion for self-sufficiency and sustainable living.

About Jalena!

Web Developer | Traveler | Mother

“I didn’t grow up with this lifestyle, but I sure did create it as fast as I could.”

Jalena is passionate about her Christian faith, family, fostering/adoption journey, growing food that is free from harsh chemicals, raising animals, foraging, baking, cooking, canning, the beach, fishing, and so many other things. She previously hosted the Brave Babe Podcast before leaving the big city for a quiet, slow, small-town life. She is also a published author and loves writing, as well as a public speaking (not just about homesteading, but also about sexual abuse awareness as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse).

Jalena is an open book and holds nothing back.

Ready to Team Up?

Here are a few ways you can collaborate with Jalena at Freedom Forest Farm:

  1. Guest Posts: Share your expertise, experiences, and insights by contributing guest posts to our blog. Whether you have tips on gardening, animal husbandry, or sustainable practices, your voice is welcome.
  2. Interview Jalena: If you run a blog, vlog or podcast, consider featuring Jalena as a guest. She has a wealth of knowledge in homesteading, permaculture, and sustainable living. Engage your audience with her unique perspective and valuable insights.
  3. Exchange Ideas: Connect with Jalena and other homesteaders in our community. Share your successes, challenges, and learnings. Collaboration fosters a supportive network that benefits everyone involved.
  4. Share your Products: If you’re interested in Jalena promoting your products, she’s all for sharing products with her community that she has tested herself and incorporated into her home: steading/making/schooling lifestyle. If you have a product that aligns with her vision, she’d love to hear from you.

To express your interest or discuss potential collaboration ideas, please reach out to us. Let’s grow together and create a stronger, more resilient homesteading community.

We look forward to hearing from you and building meaningful connections within the homesteading community.