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Homestead Hideaway at Freedom Forest Farm
homesteading classes at homestead hideaway

Homestead Hideaway

at freedom forest Farm

Nestled within Freedom Forest Farm, Homestead Hideaway is your gateway to homesteading.

Our mission is clear: to cultivate a thriving community of homesteaders through hands-on classes covering everything from sourdough baking to gardening, and lively events like farmer’s markets and bonfires. We’re here to inspire and connect. Step into our storefront for curated goods that embody quality and authenticity.

Join us as we embrace the freedom of a life rooted in community, connection, and the beauty of nature through homesteading. Welcome to Homestead Hideaway.

What you’ll find at the Homestead Hideaway…

lemon balm


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You’ll Love the Homestead Hideaway if…

  • you’re ready to ditch the ordinary and dive into the exciting world of self-sufficiency!
  • You’re pumped to roll up your sleeves, dig in the dirt, and see just how green your thumb can get!
  • the idea of trading city chaos for the serenity of rural living gets your heart racing.
  • you’re a DIY enthusiast with a passion for homegrown goodness… buckle up for a wild ride of growing, baking, and crafting galore!
  • You daydream about waking up to the sound of roosters and fresh air instead of city sirens.
  • You’re all about cozying up by the bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and swapping stories with new pals.
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We are busy bees over here, transforming the “hidden house” we found on our property – as a total surprise – into the Homestead Hideaway! We invite you to come along this journey with us: watch us renovate this old, abandoned mess into something spectacular, get to know our family, and all that we envision the Homestead Hideaway will become.

a dream in the making…

What I envision for the Homestead Hideaway…

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abandoned house on our homestead
How it all started…

A Hidden House on Our Homestead!

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Homestead Hideaway goals
a 60 second glimpse…

from Abandoned to New Beginnings,,,

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