We are starting a new homestead from scratch!

I can hardly believe it myself. Everything happened so quickly… we got a cash offer on our one-acre farm in Arizona, sadly rehomed our animals, packed our entire life into a moving truck, and drove across the country.

So, we now call South Carolina our new home! We moved to a small, quaint, beautiful little town just 45 minutes from the beach and 1 mile from North Carolina. Our new property is 8 1/2 acres and about half of it is wooded (I seriously can’t get over how magical it feels here).

This extra acreage allows us more space to homestead full-time using regenerative agriculture practices and forest farming to create freedom from harmful chemicals in our food. The icing on the cake is that we are now also mortgage free!

We invite you to come along on our journey as we start our new homestead from scratch with BIG goals of becoming more self-sufficient. We are still new to this, so there’s going to be a LOT of hard work ahead. But, it will all be so worth it once we are growing our own food and raising animals, each one for a specific purpose.

You can expect to see our high tunnels go up and our market garden come to life, our farmstand open, our forest farm flourish, and a lot of new animals joining us (bring me ALL the chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and emus!).

We’d love to connect with you here and on social media. If you’ll pretty please subscribe to our family YouTube channel and leave us a comment on any of our videos saying hi and introducing yourself to us, we’d REALLY appreciate it! You can also meet our family and see the animals from our old farm!

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