The Perfect Job for our 14 Year Old

Brayden got a JOB!

I still can’t believe it… he’s only 14 and just recently finished his Freshman Football and Fall Baseball seasons, but when his dad got an email about this job opportunity, Bray just couldn’t pass it up.

It really is the PERFECT job for him…


Seriously, there couldn’t be a more perfect job for him. He’s been playing since he was four years old and his Club Ball team plays year round. Anyone who knows Bray knows he’s OBSESSED with baseball and is planning a career with the MLB!

Prior to being hired, he had to complete the UMP A-Z Beginners Course which included 16 hours of training (8 in the classroom and 8 on the field) through Top Choice Officials AZ. He was then added to the umpire roster and gets notifications through an app when jobs are available for him. He accepted a tournament umpiring for the 10U teams the weekend following his training.

Bray won’t deny that he was a bit nervous at first. He spent the first two games of the first day out on the field, and the third game behind home plate and learned so much. His partner was a high school senior, and there was also an umpire supervisor giving him constructive criticism. By day two, Bray was definitely feeling more comfortable.

The real excitement came when his first paycheck deposited to his bank account! Umpiring pays pretty well, especially when you’re only 14. Brayden used some of that money to purchase the uniforms and equipment needed for his upcoming jobs, and the rest (aside from a movie theatre ticket) went into his savings account… before we know it, he’ll be driving and needing to pay for car insurance and gas.

We are so very proud of him and his work ethic and can’t wait to witness his continued growth. While watching him umpire the 10U tournament, it was crazy to think that he was that small just four years ago and now he looks – and acts – more like a man than a child.

Curiously, what was YOUR first job? Comment below and let us know if it was as “cool” as Brayden’s!

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