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Laughing Chickens are REAL, and We Have One on Our Little Farm!

A Laughing Chicken? Say WHAT? I thought the same thing when I was searching Craigslist the other day for animals to adopt and came across a post titled “Rare Laughing Chicken Breed.” Curiosity got the best of me, so I went straight to google and searched for laughing chickens.

As it turns out, laughing chickens are real! They are technically called Ayam Ketawa and are a rare breed of chicken originating from Indonesia. Because their crows are unusual and long – sounding hilariously similiar to a human’s laugh – they were, until recently, a status symbol of the Buginese royal family and could not be owned by the public.

Since the fall of the Indonesian monarchy, Ayam Ketawas have increased in popularity as they are still seen as a symbol of courage, social status and heroism. It wasn’t until 2019 that the Ayam Ketawa breed arrived in the United States. I had never heard of them before this week, but now, we have one on our farm.

Meet LOL, our Laughing Chick:

LOL (we chose this name for the obvious reason) is only two weeks old. We adopted him from a little hobby farm in Laveen, Arizona. He is purebred and both his parents were on site. I totally regret not getting photos and video of them while I was visiting, because his dad’s crow was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in person!

I call him “he” but to be honest, we aren’t yet sure if he’s a rooster or a girl. We are hopeful LOL is a roo, because only the males laugh when they crow. If LOL turns out to be a female, that’s okay too as she will be great to use for breeding, but we will have to go back to the Laveen farm and purchase a rooster because now that I know about this incredible breed, how could I not want one (or a bunch) on our little farm in the city?

So far, LOL has been VERY vocal. He joined the 14 other chicks we got the same day from AZ Chickens, and he loves being the loudest of the new flock.

LOL joined our 6 Black Copper Marans who are known for producing the best tasting eggs in the world, and our 8 assorted barnyard chicks (a variety of breeds that will give us a cool assortment of eggs). Once they no longer need the heat lamp and chick starter feed, they will be moved from indoors and join the hens and Doddle (our gorgeous rooster) out in the Hen House.

Our hen house is getting an update right now…. We built this a few years ago out of old recycled pallets, scrap wood, scrap fencing and chicken wire. The only thing we actually purchased while building this was the corrugated metal for the roof. So, it’s a bit of an eye sore, but before the new chicks make it to the hen house, it will be painted all white with some new nesting boxes, roosting bars (our hens currently roost in the front corner not shown in the picture), and some greenery. I’m on the hunt for a fake tree with large branches they can sit on and am planting some herbs and vegetables they can snack on.

hen house - chicken coop

Stay tuned! Once it’s complete, we will give you a full video tour!

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But for now, LOL and his 14 chick friends remain in the house under a heat lamp where they are constantly adored and held by our entire family! Let us know in the comments below if you want to see more of LOL as he grows bigger and becomes louder!

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