Best Target & Dollar Tree Supplies for Homeschooling

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive and I’m all for homeschooling on a tight budget, so it worked out great that my family’s two favorite stores – Target & Dollar Tree – have some amazing (and affordable) homeschooling supplies!

Target is my favorite place to shop, I mean, who doesn’t love Target? My family particularly loves the $1/$3/$5 section of the store. There’s ALWAYS cute, nifty finds! My kiddos also love Dollar Tree because they can get a lot more with their chore money (except for my teenager – he’s the one that saves up to buy shirts, hats, and other merch from the YouTubers he follows). So, when we made the decision to start homeschooling and needed some supplies to get us started, Target & Dollar Tree is where we headed and they didn’t disappoint!

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Here are the best Dollar Tree homeschooling supplies…



We pulled our kids out of their charter school during week 3 of online distant-learning and decided to homeschool, which meant I had NO curriculum planned, whatsoever. These $1 workbooks for 1st & 2nd graders kept my little ones busy with math, phonics, reading & writing for the first week (or two) while I planned out their curriculum. I thought these workbooks would be cheesy, but the kids love them and are actually learning and getting good practice in.


These are seriously my favorites. The caddies hold the kids’ pencils, erasers, flash cards, glue sticks, scissors and other items we use throughout the day, keeping them organized and neat on our shared desk, and the activity trays are great to use for counting items during math (we use beads)! Best $4 I’ve spent!


I’m homeschooling 4 kids and needed a lot of these, so shopping at Dollar Tree was a no-brainer! My kids start each day writing/drawing in their gratitude journals and use different notebooks & 3 ring binders for each subject (my daughters and youngest son love all the bright colors and prints, whereas my oldest son prefers the plain stuff). It’s primarily my little ones that use the classroom, so the middle-schoolers keep all their supplies in those fabulous locking bins (from our local grocery store) so they can easily grab-and-go do their schoolwork wherever they want.


The plastic bins with handles are actually dry-erase, but we chose to label everything with stickers instead. The books are short stories that my little ones love to read between lessons (when mom needs time to get organized), the flashcards are something all 4 of the kids really love making a game out of, and the storage bins with latching lids help me keep my frequently used supplies together!


I mean, they were $1 so why not? It helps our homeschool classroom feel more “official” and the info is actually helpful!

THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS: By shopping through my links, I may be compensated a small amount for any purchases you make, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my blog!

Here are the best Target Homeschooling Supplies…



These file folders were too adorable not to buy. They came as a 6-pack for $3 and will help me keep my papers organized.


At just $3 each, I couldn’t pass these up either. The lesson planner starts out with a few pages that I won’t need (such as student information sheets, classroom map/seating chart, substitute teacher info, student groups & birthdays that I can see being beneficial to other teachers), but what I will use is the long range planning pages, dates to remember, monthly calendar and weekly planning pages!

The grade book is something I’ll have to get used to using, but I’m hoping if I stay on top of it, it’ll help me track my children’s progress. Plus, it has some super cute cut-outs in the back with different “certificates” and fun reminders to give to students and my kids LOVE stuff like that.

Speaking of, that brings me to my next Target find…


These were only $1 each. The dry-erase desk decals (2 packages shown in photo above with 10 decals in each) will get some great use, especially with all the reminders I’m constantly having to give my middle schoolers. Decals include a mini weekly calendar, “This Week, Next Week,” “Don’t Forget,” “Stuff I Need To Do,” “Homework: Assignment & Due Date,” “Tests & Exams,” and more!

The notecard set (30 sheets) is something all of my kids (my oldest will never admit to this though) will like being surprised with from time to time as a way to celebrate their hard work!

And lastly…


These memo pads include 25 sheets each and are sold in a package of 3 for $3. The pretty pastel pads include a teacher checklist (today, this week, reminders, assignments, emails, to prep), attendance sheets, weekly planning pages, reminders & notes!


What are your favorite (and budget friendly) homeschooling supplies? Leave a comment below to share your awesome finds! If you know a homeschooling mama who may like this post, please feel free to share it with her. Thanks friends!

XOXO, Jalena Dawn

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