FREE PRINTABLE: Sunflowers Summer Workbook for Elementary Kids

Hey y’all, Jalena here. My family planted a bunch of sunflowers a few weeks ago to add some beauty to our yard (and of course so we can have seeds to eat at baseball games and to feed to our chickens as snacks). See the post I wrote HERE about the many benefits to growing sunflowers on your homestead.

My kids are loving having the sunflowers in our yard, and since I homeschool my two daughters, we turned this into a quick homeschool lesson using this printable workbook I created for them. They enjoyed the simplicity of it (especially since it’s summer and we are on break – but it was fun and allowed them to be creative, so they really didn’t think of it as a school lesson). I wanted to share it with y’all in case you have some kiddos at home this summer who may find it fun to print and work on.

But beware, your kids may want you to pick up a packet of sunflower seeds from the store so they can start their own little sunflower garden! How cool, though, right?! If you do let them plant a sunflower patch in your yard or on your farm, please tag us on FB or IG @FreedomForestFarm so I can show my daughters!

Hope y’all enjoy!

XOXO, Jalena
Just for fun, here’s a video from when we harvested our sunflower heads to make sunflower seeds!

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