Download this cute Spring Garden Planner to help you get started with your garden (and I’m not even collecting your email address – you’re welcome, lol)!

It’s that time! I’m preparing to jump head-first into growing season and you probably are too. I will be starting a majority of my seeds indoors while direct sowing a few. Planning a garden is a LOT of work, especially since I just moved to a very new zone (8a), so I made myself this Spring Garden Planner to help me stay organized so I can get everything started and planted on time.

I feel like this planner has helped me so much, so I decided to share it with y’all. Just click the download button and you can print it out (make sure your printer settings for SCALE are at “actual size” and not “fit to printable area,” otherwise you may end up with a white border around the planner). It’s 2 pages, and I printed mine on cardstock, but regular paper works fine too!

To find your predicted last frost date and the best times to start your seeds or direct sow, you can put your zip code in HERE and let the Farmer’s Almanac tell you everything you need to know (but obviously stay up-to-date with your weather for best accuracy).

Leave me a comment to let me know if this is useful for you! Happy spring garden planning, friend!

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