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How I Make Money from Home While Homesteading, Homemaking & Homeschooling

This is something I get asked often! And I take no offense, so ask away. Most of y’all know, I had a 10-year career in law-enforcement which I gave up, back in 2014, after adopting our three youngest kids through the Arizona Foster Care system. Becoming a stay-home mom was the best career move I ever made, but it obviously came at a cost. I was a Sergeant making really good money when I decided to leave, and even though we were no longer having to pay for daycare, the loss of income was a hard hit!

So, after the kids went to bed at night, I started blogging and learning how to design websites, create content, become an affiliate for different companies… all that jazz. Fast forward to today… our family now lives on a little farm in South Carolina where we homestead and homeschool full time, so in addition to making money on our homestead through selling eggs, organic produce, sourdough bread, and other homemade goodies, which is just an extension of my love for those things, I’ve REALLY leaned into those skills I started self-learning years ago.

Blogging is a really GREAT work-from-home job anyone can do! I earn a passive income from this very website… if you look through the pages, you’ll notice various affiliate links. I also get paid for those somewhat pesky but easy-to-click-away ads that pop up from time to time. Additionally, I take on occasional writing gigs and side jobs designing websites for clients of various sorts (not just mom bloggers, but also companies such as roofing, firefighter safety products, and much more). That’s my geeky side because I love the challenge of having a blank slate website and creating a masterpiece that my clients will love! Additionally, I create digital products, like the one below, to sell for a small fee (small compared to the value one can gain from it), and also create social media content on TikTok where I am paid when my videos perform well, and also earn commissions through shoppable videos. Most of the products I create videos for on TikTok were sent to me for free. My husband sure loves that part!

Okay, but here’s what you’re really here for…. the game-changer for my family has been AMAZON!!!

Since joining the Amazon Influencer Program and learning how to unlock Amazon Onsite Commissions, I earn commissions off shoppable video reviews that I upload, and Amazon then places on products throughout their website. You know what this means?

I DO NOT have to promote products to my own family and friends, or push them on social media (I still link products in my blog, which is where my Amazon Storefront comes in so, so, so handy), but it’s such a breath of fresh air to make quick and short videos, upload them to Amazon, and sit back and let Amazon do the work to get me paid. Amazon has BILLIONS of customers who shop their site every day, so I get to leverage THEIR customers rather than trying to find my own.

And the best part? I don’t have to spend any money to do this! I simply use products around my home that I already own, which are available for purchase on Amazon, even if I didn’t purchase them from Amazon. I make a 30 second-ish video review, upload it, tag the product, and WAHLAH! Amazon does the rest while I collect a commission! The products I create videos for fit in with my homesteading/homemaking/homeschooling lifestyle because I indeed have these products in my home, thus my branding is around this “niche” which works great!

This is the PERFECT job for a stay-home homesteading/homemaking/homeschooling mama like me, and I’m guessing if you’re still reading this, it sounds PERFECT for you too! Okay, so then how do you get started? It’s not complicated at all, but there are several steps you’ll need to follow, so I’ve outlined all of them for you, in detail, in my “How to Make Money on Amazon with Onsite Commissions” ebook!

How to Make Money on Amazon with Onsite Commissions - ebook cover

I believe there’s awesome value in my ebook, but I also refuse to gatekeep this epic opportunity from anyone who cannot afford to purchase it, so here’s a quick overview of the steps included in my ebook:

1) Build up your social media account (my ebook will give you access to a private FB group to assist you with this part), 2) Apply for the Amazon Influencer program and get accepted (this is where the FB group comes in super handy), 3) Edit your Amazon Storefront profile to make it attractive to customers, and build it up with your favorite products in an organized way (you can earn commissions from your Storefront), 4) Create and upload THREE shoppable review videos (my ebook outlines the criteria because these videos undergo a stringent review by Amazon), 5) Unlock Amazon Onsite Commissions with those THREE videos, and 6) Once unlocked, continue to consistently create quality shoppable review videos to maximize your earning potential and get paid commissions off qualified purchases Amazon customers make after watching your video!

Like I said, not complicated, but there are a lot of steps that need to be followed carefully. I did my best to outline all of it in my ebook, and through your purchase, you’ll gain me as your coach to guide you through the process and answer any questions that may come up along the way!

Are you ready to start making money from home on Amazon?!

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