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A Foggy Morning on the Farm

I woke up to find the ground wet from last night’s rain and a fog rolling over the farm. I poured a cup of coffee, grabbed my camera and headed outside because beauty like this deserves to be admired.

I don’t know about you, but I see God in all the little things…. the droplets of water about to fall from a leaf, the way our “roses of winter” have purple tints on the edges of their petals, how ivy wraps itself around a tree trunk and climbs eagerly towards the sky. I see God in the leaves changing colors from green to red, orange, yellow and brown, and mushrooms growing on logs, food growing from the dirt and the intricate design of tree bark.

I hear God when my cows moo because they are excited to see their caregiver, when the wind causes leaves to flutter to the ground and when my roosters crow in demand that the world wake up with them.

I feel God in the warmth of my coffee cup against my hand as I walk along my farm, the fog gently touching my skin, the way my emu’s feathers and my goat’s fur feel as a pet them. I feel God in my soul because of the peace He gives me when I walk in silence with Him. I don’t have to speak a word, because I’m keenly aware of His presence and He’s keenly aware of my gratitude for this beautiful world He has designed, down to every last tiny detail.

So on this wet, foggy morning, I walked around my farm in appreciation of all my Father has blessed me with and captured some photos of His magnificent creations. I hope you’ll look at these and be reminded that He created you too, and you are therefore remarkable and wonderful and beautiful and admired even more so than a farm on a foggy morning.

XOXO, Jalena

P.S. Feel free to download/save our farm photos to your phone or computer and use them as wallpaper or screen savers. Not authorized for use on websites without permission.

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