Growing Flowers: A Delicate Dance

Some of the sunflowers I’m growing on our farm

In the garden’s tender care,
Beneath the sun’s warm golden glare,
A dance of life begins to bloom,
A symphony of colors, nature’s costume.

From tiny seeds, a miracle unfurls,
In the soil, they anchor like precious pearls,
Roots reach deep, embracing the earth,
As petals awaken, celebrating birth.

First, a delicate sprout breaks free,
A testament of hope and possibility,
Tiny leaves unfurl, seeking the light,
With each passing day, they reach new heights.

With gentle touch and nurturing hand,
We tend to their needs, as nature planned,
Water’s embrace, a refreshing kiss,
Nourishing their growth, pure bliss.

The buds swell, hinting at the surprise,
Awaiting the moment they’ll mesmerize,
And then, the grand revelation begins,
Petals unfurl, a kaleidoscope spins.

A riot of colors, a fragrant array,
A tapestry of life, in the sun’s warm display,
Each bloom tells a story, whispers a tale,
Of resilience, beauty, and love’s prevailing sail.

Their fragility a reminder profound,
Life’s fleeting moments, we’re duty-bound,
To cherish the beauty, ephemeral and bright,
For flowers, like life, are a wondrous delight.

So let us tend to the garden’s delight,
Sow seeds of kindness, love’s pure light,
In the realm of flowers, we find solace and grace,
A testament to growth, in nature’s embrace.

XOXO, Jalena Dawn

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